How to book a tennis court?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

We use LTA ClubSpark to manage court bookings. Here's a step by step guide on how to book a court:

Step 1

To book a court, click on your desired booking slot on the booking sheet. You are able to view the booking sheet by court or by date. 


Step 2

After clicking on the booking slot that you wish to book, the following overlay will appear.


Here you will be able to click on the dropdown to select how long you would like the court booking to be. Once the booking duration has been selected then you can proceed with clicking on the 'Continue booking' button at the bottom of the overlay.

If you are not already signed in to ClubSpark, you will now be prompted to do so. 


Step 3

You will then be taken to the confirmation screen. Here they will see a breakdown of any fees that your venue may charge, such as court fees or guest fees and make their payment. 

If you have an active membership there will not be a fee to pay. Some venues do not offer "Pay & Play" court bookings. In this case you will see a padlock on the court booking sheet. In this case you would need to join a membership to access the court bookings. 

If you are happy click 'Confirm and pay'.


Step 4

If you are booking a court as a "Pay & Play" or your venue offers guest fees, you will be prompted to pay. When you click on the 'Confirm and pay' button, they will be asked to enter their card details. 


Step 5

Once you have confirmed your booking and made payment, you will be taken to the following screen. You will also receive a booking confirmation email with these details. Included within the confirmation will be a pin code to access the courts. 


You can now select 'Book another court' or 'View my bookings', as shown in the image above. 

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